Update 2.0.1 bugs

In Ikariam Easy 2.0.1 update it was important core changes, that increase perfomance more then in 200%, but as a result we got some bugs. If you found something – write in comments or to mail: vl.tansky@gmail.com. Thanks

В обновление Ikariam Easy 2.0.1 были произведены важные изменения движка ИкаИзи, благодаря чему производительность скрипта увеличина более чем на 200%, но как результат появились некоторые баги. Если вы обнаружили баг, напишите о нём в комментариях или на почту: vl.tansky@gmail.com. Спасибо

  • Александр

    Не могу сделать лог, пропало появляющееся раньше окошко слева по средине, где можно было сделать отчет!

    • vl.tansky

      Здравствуйте, вы пользуетесь последней версией ИкаИзи? (2.0.41)? Если да, могли бы вы связаться со мной в скайпе?

  • David

    what are the changes on the new update related to piracy? i see a button to remember the piracy mission, is there a bot included ? If yes, how to use it ?

    • vl.tansky

      No, there is no any bot included. Its just shortcut, so you can capture pirates from anywhere in Ikariam.
      IkaEasy make your ikariam easier 🙂 But there is no cheats and etc. =)

      Thanks for getting touch

  • Auri

    Everything works fine at the moment, really nice work guy!

  • PintoloMay

    The info toggle doesn’t seem to close when in ‘City’ mode and it get’s a bit annoying. Not sure if it’s a bug or it is intended to do so. Also a very common bug I find is when it is showing the required resources for the next level, it sometimes calculates them with 1 unit less and you have to send a whole ship and wait for it to ship and all of this for just 1 unit. Everything else looks good so far, the included bulgarian translation is OK too.

    • Vlad Tansky

      Hi, thanks for your feedback.
      The info window is a new feature, thats currently not completed. I think by the end of the week I will publish update, that will include some fixes for this window (include tiggle).

      About “1 unit for next level upgrade” bug I didnt hear it before. I will try to find this bug, but in next time when you’ll have this bug can you describe which building you tried to upgrade? My mail is vl.tansky@gmail.com.


      • PintoloMay

        Doesn’t matter which building, so far I’ve noticed it in super storage, normal storage and ocasionally in some other buildings.This is displayed when you hover over the level circles, you know that when you have enough resources it lights up in green. In this ocasion it also light’s up in green and says you have the necessary resources and eventually how much would be left after you level up the building.

        I like to ship the exact needed amount of resources and look for it when I hover over the level circle and see what is required.
        E.g. building X needs 45678 wood, 12079 wine and 78901 marble. The circle is displaying the same amount but marble is with 1 unit less – 78900. (I almost never open the building to see how much it requires because the above option is very quick and easy and automatically calculates what I need.)

        The required amount is shipped and when I try to level building X it does not let me eventhough when I hover again over the circle everything is normal, it shows that there would be left 0 resources [which means I’ve shipped the exact required amount] after the leveling begins (including the marble ). Then I open the building X window to see what might be the problem and I see that it actually requires 78901 instead of 78900, 1 unit extra than what the calculator showed.

        This is the bug indepth. Hope it was detailed enough. Happy Holidays!

  • demerzel

    These notifications are great idea but keep popping
    “pirate captcha” for example even after typing it keeps appearing

    • Vlad Tansky

      Notifications currently on beta test stage.
      There are lot of thing I need to improve before it will work good 🙂

  • Ramūnas Gudauskas

    Sometimes clicking this button , does not react. Im not sure if its server fault or script fault. Most of the times , needs to be clicked twice.

    • Vlad Tansky

      its script fault after Ikariam update. Will be fixed on this week.

      • Ramūnas Gudauskas


  • Nicolaescu Madalin

    The ShipYard can now be upgraded to 38. The script doesn’t know that 🙂
    In the diplomacy tab, no matter where you are, the alliance tab stay “marked”

  • Adam Rędzikowski

    Hi, Vlad. I’m maker of polish translation for your addon. I’d like to update my translation for the latest version of Ikariam Easy. Could you contact me on the mail redzikowskia@gmail.com? Unfortunately, I can’t chat with you by skype.

  • Gabriel Drugan

    Hi Vlad, good work, i have this bug where somehow on tooltip is the wrong values. I’ve tested on different Chrome User on the same PC, same version of Chrome and there is showing the correct amount. I’ve tried reinstall the plugin, delete cache/cookies from the beginning of time, i’m still having problems. If you have any sugestions, please help me.

    • Malin

      Hello, thanks for reporting this bug.
      Can you provide what is level of your other buildings?
      I know it might be hard because 6 months has passed but if you can reproduce this bug now it would be most helpfull.

      • Gabriel Drugan

        Hi, there was a hidden popup in chrome to allow scripts from unsecured sites. After i’ve allowed that i didn’t encountered any problem. Keep up the good job.

  • sergey

    Почему в сплывающих окошках показывает не правильные значения?? Как исправить?

  • DJ

    Thank you

  • grouch

    I am having problems with the Cinetheatre bonus. It constantly fails to completely load, just stalls, or I get just a blank black screen on the theatre. Could this be caused by the Ikariam Easy Script?
    It warns at the bottom of the Theature screen about adblocks and scripts.

    • Malin

      Hello grouch,
      are you able to provide a screenshot ?
      Is this “black screen” clickable? Video in Cinetheatre is hosted on youtube so this might be a problem with connection to youtube.
      If you can please click F12 when black screen appears, nextly click ctrl+shift+c and after that click on this black field. On the right side you will see selected (blue) part of code, right click on it, then “copy” and then “copy element” and paste it here.

      • grouch

        It was being caused by my antivirus software. I turned it off and problem went away. I just whitelisted Ikariam. No more problem.

  • Stefan Meier

    the calculation of the missing ressources seems not correct. I reinstalled the extension, emptied the cache and reloaded all data (Ctrl +F5). nothing helped. any suggestions?

  • dennis

    where can i update ikariam to 0.5? i’m now using version .0.1.0

    • Stefan Meier

      Ikariam is a browsergame, played worldwide. All countries are running on the actual version 0.7.6 There’s no 0.5 anymore. neither 0.1.0

  • Виктор Нетребенко

    Скачать то негде это дополнение))

  • Лилия Виделова

    Няма го.