Bugs & proposals

This post is a place to discuss bugs and any proposals – write it in comments


Если вы нашли какой-то баг или у вас есть предложения что добавить в ИкаИзи пишите в комментариях к этому посту.

  • brisousd68

    Can you integrate ika-search? Maybe when you click on a player’s city to get more informations or some other ways…

    • Vlad Tansky

      Hi, yes its possible.
      But which information would you want to see, that ika-search provide and ikariam not?
      and do you know who is developer of ika-search? could be much more easy to integrate if developer of ika-search would help me in this

      • brisousd68

        Maybe you can add a button when you select the city of a player where all the info that ika-search can provide (the left table of ika -search) and then all cities and coodones of these cities.
        The goal would be to add ika-search to your extension to complete it and thus avoid having to use ika-search.

        • brisousd68

          Something else that would be a little useful: it would be possible to rename or add a short desciption to troop movements.
          For example to wander, it would help us to organize to know what wave to remove …..

          • Vlad Tansky

            Sounds good. I’ll add this. If you have more ideas now it’s good time to add, so they will be included in the next update 🙂

          • brisousd68

            I do not know if you have the right but it would be cool if you could also add the premium options like the general view (military, research, building engineer …….)

            I do not know if it’s possible but if you could add the fact that we can see all the ranking of the corsairs it would be cool

        • Vlad Tansky

          I’ll check if this possible to do

  • Daniel Gasverde

    There was a script for Firefox that did the distribution of goods automatically, it was very good. No one rewrote it for Chrome. I have the scrip saved if you are interested in seeing it and can be rewritten.

    // @name Ikariam Resource Dealer
    // @namespace Ikariam Resource Dealer
    // @description Script that Distributes Resources in Ikariam
    // @author TioJack – bartsb@gmail.comhttp://userscripts.org/users/151781

    Translated from Spanish by the Google translator

  • Mikkel

    Hello, is it at all possible for you to make your extension avaible for Firefox as well?