IkaEasy V3

In this version, all the extension code is completely rewritten, from the extension core to each function separately. Many bugs of the old version are fixed, HUD and UI improved, some new features were added.

All the main extension features are presented at the screenshots.

Main features:

– In the city:

    – Display of building levels in the city

    – Quick buttons for upgrade / downgrade building levels

    – Display of the amount of resources needed to increase the level of the building

– On the island

    – Levels of mines on the island

    – Marking of cities of specific alliances (the ability to color the cities of alliances you are interested in)

– On the world map

    – Search of suitable islands by specific parameters (resource, miracle, occupancy of the island)

    – Time to sail to the island

– General

    – Fast city change (if you have more than one city)

    – The transporter: quick buttons for sending resources / army / fleet to your other cities (if you have more than one city)

    – Quick open of the form for a message to the alliance (if you are in an alliance)

    – Quick embassy opening of the (if available)

    – Display of income / outcome of resources in the current city

    – Buttons for convenient choice of the required number of resources  (±500, +1000, +2000, +5000) are added.

– Ikalogs

    – Combat reports saving at ikalogs.ru (many bugs fixed, code completely rewritten)